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all answers about student loan

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  1. Does bad behaviour remarks affect my student loan disbursement?

    Logically no but if you make some violence with loan providers then it can affect.

  2. Is that compulsory to add living expense on educational loan to study abroad?

    It’s not compulsory but living expenses are included in all educational loans to study abroad.

  3. My passport renewal was declined because of my unpaid student loan what can do now

    Clear the unpaid student loan and reapply for your passport renewal.

  4. Can any Bihar student take two loans I.E Bihar credit card as well as educational loan?

    May be possible but before applying get some information from the educational loan providers.

  5. Is it possible to repay land which is free from loan as educational loan repayment in Canara Bank?

    Yes, you can sell the land and repayment the educational loan which you have taken from canara bank.

  6. Is income proof is required for collateral Student Loan for Australian student visa?

    No it’s not required.

  7. How many abroad study loans for Indian visually impaired students especially in USA?

    We don’t know but you can contact to the loan providers.

  8. If I take study loan and then I want to bring my spouse is it affect their visa application

    May be yes but you should talk to visa providers or somebody who is providing the study loan to you.

  9. We own an independent house but it is under litigation of devasthanam can I use that house as collateral for educational loan

    No you can not use that house as collateral for educational loan.

  10. What the procedure to fill the study loan if he don’t able?

    Hello, you can simply interrogate about this to your loan provider.

  11. study loan liya ho or agar back aa jaye kisi subject m toh kya loan milega fir aagle semester m

    Mil jana chahiye phir bhi iska sahi jankari ke liye ap jo bank ya company se study loan lenge waha par puch lijiye.

  12. I have citizenship of Odisha but I did not pass out from Odisha board can I apply student loan for Kalinga Shiksha Yojana

    According to the official website of Kalinga Shiksha Yojana you can apply for a student loan.

  13. Is it mandatory to mortgage something in student loan What if you have nothing to mortgage?

    If you have nothing to mortgage then can simply go for Unsecured student loan, To know more about this you should go there where you are applying for a student loan.

  14. Is 12 passed students eligible for study loan for Canada?

    Yes eligible but they need to have Admission Certificate from any legit institution/college in canada.

  15. What is advisable take an educational loan or pay cash from your savings?

    If you have enough savings then you should not. If you don’t have then you can take but ultimately it’s your choice accroding to the situation which you are living.

  16. What should be the income for taking 4 lakh student loan?

    You don’t need any income for taking thios loan amount of 4 lakhs but bank could ask for collateral that’s it.

  17. I am from rajesthan but I doing study in Punjab I want to get study loan from Punjab

    Please contact any of the bank in punjab or in your hometown rajasthan.

  18. Can we need to apply educational loan?

    If our financial condition is bad but we wants to continue our study in this case we need to apply for a educational loan.

  19. Is it possible to get education loan from Bank student credit card Bihar simultaneously?

    You can simply ask the question to your bank manager.

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