Best Helmets Under 3000 in India – March【2023】

If you want to buy a helmet under 3000 rupees in India then you are in the right place. We have shortlisted some of the top brand’s helmet under the budget of 3,000 rupees with features like ISI certified, Advance air ventilation system, premium looks, longest visor with locking system, high impact ABS material shell, also with Ultra protection for riders and many other features. These helmets are available online like Flipkart and Amazon so you don’t have to worry about buying these helmets. You can just purchase these helmets Easily.

List of Top 10 Helmets Under 3000 Rupees (latest update)

Steelbird Air sba-2

steelbird air sba- 2

As you know, now steelbird is a famous name in the helmet industry

The Steelbird Air SBA-2 comes with a high impact ABS material shell. It has Replaceable and washable interior and Ultra protection for the rider’s comfort. It also comes with a great ventilation system for the longest rides of a rider in hot weather. The Steelbird Air SBA-2 has a perfect and premium design for daily use with a locking system in visor to lock it properly after completely down. This helmet comes with ISI certification so you don’t have to worry about its built quality and safety features. If you are interested to buy this helmet just go-ahead by clicking the buy now on Amazon button below.


1. ISI certified Helmet
2. High impact ABS material shell
3. Ultra protection for riders
4. Advance air ventilation system
5. Longest visor
6. Replaceable and washable interior for comfort with premium design
7. Designed in Italy
8. Size – 580mm (M)
9. Budget-friendly
best helmet under 3000 - steelbird air sba 2

Studds Sifter D1

studds sifter d1

The Studds sifter D1 is also a great helmet of this list.

This helmet also comes with ISI certification. It’s a Hard-Coated helmet for scratch-resistant. It also comes with polycarbonate visor with silicon duly for better riding experience.


1. ISI certified helmet
2. Outer Shell injected from special high impact grade of engineering thermoplastic
3. Hard coated for scratch resistant
4. Multiposition, articulating optically true injected polycarbonate visor duly silicon
5. Regulated density EPS concussion padding lined with specially treated anti allergic velveteen
best helmet under 3000 - studds sifter d1

Royal Enfield Open Face

royal enfield open face

The Royal Enfield’s open face is the best helmet for Royal Enfield lovers.

This open face helmet comes with ISI certification. It has single unit ABS shell. This helmet is also very lightweight so when you wear it you will not feel very heavy over your head. The very best thing about this helmet is its design and build quality by keeping high levels of safety for the riders. This also comes with an easily detachable long visor with a locking system. This helmet is just amazing so you don’t have to worry about its safety and security.


1. An ideal fit for riders who are looking for a classic MLG signature style
2. Has a trength of single unit ABS shell
3. Visor surface hard coated with UV treatment for scratch resistant
4. Demi-jet open face with a long visor style
5. It has an Eps internal liner for enhanced comfort
6. Chinstrap retention can be adjustable and enabled with lock system
best helmet under 3000 - royal enfield open face

Vega Evo BT Camo

vega evo bt camo dull, black, orange

The Vega evo camo helmet is an ISI approved helmet.

It has an ABS shell to resist the impact of toughness. This helmet is come with many features like Power Display, Wireless Music system, Call management and many more unique functions which are available with this helmet.


1. It’s an ISI approved helmet
2. ABS material shell for impact resistance and toughness
3. Has removable and Washable linings
4. High definition speakers, Wireless listen to music
5. It supports power display on most of the leading phones
6. Manage all of your calls
7. GPS integrated with Bluetooth technology
best helmet under 3000 - vega evo bt camo

Steelbird Air SBA-3

steelbird air sba- 3

As it is always known to us that Steelbird’s helmet is just amazing and the popularity this particular helmet achieved in India is awesome. That’s why we have listed another model of the Steelbird brand’s helmet.

Obviously the Steelbird Air SBA 3 comes with an ISI marked and certification. This helmet has a lot of unique features like Steelbird Air SBA 2 that we have covered above in the other Model of Steelbird. If you want to know more about this helmet then either you can read the feature section of this helmet below or go to Amazon by clicking the link below.


1. ISI certified helmet
2. Has an advance air ventilation system
3. Replaceable and washable interior for more comfort and premium design looks
best helmet under 3000 - steelbird air sba 3

SMK MA200 Cooper

smk ma200 cooper open face helmet

The SMK MA200 open face helmet Also a good option to buy in that range.

It comes with Inner resil coating to keep the liner fabric cool. This helmet is fully removable and washable for the comforts of rider. It also has an extra-wide vision with Visor scratch-resistant in its visor. We have no information about the ISI certification of this product. So before buying this helmet, read the full specifications about this helmet.


1. External shell aerodynamic
2. Inner resil coating to keep the liner fabric cool
3. Fully removable and washable for comforts
4. Retention system equipped with quick release
5. Extra wide vision with Visor scratch-resistant
best helmet under 3000 - smk ma200 cooper


In today’s life having a helmet is very essential for bike riders. We have listed above some best helmets under 3000 rupees in India. After researching for a long time we have chosen these best helmets for any bikers under this reasonable budget. So you don’t have to worry about pricing. Currently, these are the best helmet under 3000 rupees budget. We will also update this article every month so stay tuned for further pieces of information.

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