Best Acoustic Guitars Under 4000

As we know that Studies show that playing the Guitar improves the grey matter in the Brain resulting in improved memory power. Additionally, there is less decline in memory power with age. This is proven true by the fact that you have to memorize chords and patterns which act as a good workout for your brain.

Guitars are usually used in many different genres of music, such as traditional, regional and folk to modern punk, rock metal or pop. Guitars are used as rhythm instruments, lead instruments and sometimes both.

If you interested in Music and able to play Guitar, and also want to purchase a best Guitar then you are in the right place to make a strong decision. As we have discussed about best Guitars with Brand, Qualities, performance in this article.

All the listed names are highly recommended for the people who will willingly purchase. And all the listed guitars comes under 4000 INR.

So you need to know all the details of our listed products and make a decision. Here we provide some best of 7 for decent qualities.

We are requesting you to read the article completely and choose your best one.

List of Best Acoustic Guitars Under 4000 in India 2022

  1. Juarez 41 Acoustic Guitar
  2. Giuson Venus Guitar
  3. Kadence Slow-hand Series
  4. Henrix Pro Guitar
  5. Zabel Acoustic Guitar
  6. Hovner 215 Guitar
  7. Blueberry 40C Sunburst Acoustic

Juarez 41 Acoustic Guitar

best guitar under 4000 - Juarez 41 Acoustic Guitar

Juarez is one of the best Guitar which is listed in the first side. It is a very good choice for beginners.

As Sound quality is perfect and the strings are also of good in quality and the tuning pegs are also smooth. The action is a bit high.

Color looks awesome. It’s a safe decision to purchase for sure.


Dimensions30 x 20 x 10 cm; 2 kg
Back MaterialLinden Wood
Neck Material TypeCatalpa Wood
Top MaterialSolid Linden Wood
String MaterialStainless steel
Number of string6


  • Material Type is so amazing in this guitar.
  • Best for tuning.
  • Design is decent.


  • Nothing to mention.

Giuson Venus Guitar

best guitar under 4000 - Giuson Venus Guitar

Giuson acoustic guitars are simply outstanding in terms of quality and sound. All Products are handcrafted to perfection for unmatchable standard and superb acoustic sounds.

The guitar is entirely made in India by local skilled Craftsmen. It comes with a rosewood fretboard, truss rod and In-built pick ups for amplifier connectivity.


Dimensions107.9 x 45.72 x 16 cm; 4.58 kg
Back MaterialLinden Wood
String MaterialStainless steel
Number of string6


  • Great sounds quality.
  • Looks awesome and built quality is amazing.
  • Truss rod is present in this Guitar.s
  • Made in India.


  • Higher frets are so sharper.

Kadence Slow-hand Series

best guitar under 4000 - Kadence Slow-hand Series

This simple and elegant ukulele features a 24 inch concert body. It fits well in your hands so that you strum it and sing along to all your favorite songs.

Patented Demi cutaway shape to make the lower frets playing much easier.

The arc design of back increases the ukulele box space, a benefit for the resonance and penetrating of Sound, fuller tuning.

Polyjet eco-friendly finish with distinct layer, smooth to touch with hands. The body and neck are connected with ingenious craftsmanship, compact appearance and intact sound.


Dimensions64.6 x 23.9 x 9.2 cm; 890 gm
Top MaterialSpruce with Demi Cut
Back and Side MaterialMahogany
Scale LENGTH15
Number of String4


  • Kadence equalizer is easy in adjustment.
  • Playing those tricky high notes is going to be a cakewalk with it’s devilish scoop.
  • The tuning pegs are engineered for good Sound quality.
  • It looks very decent in that style.


  • Wood quality is not perfect.

Henrix Pro Guitar

best guitar under 4000 - Henrix Pro Guitar

Henrix Pro acoustic guitar have improved materials and sound quality over the Henrix 38C guitar.

They come with a dual action truss rod, superior die-cast tuners, and ABS binding that extend guitar life by protecting your guitar edges from impact and moisture damage, these are features Normally found only in Pro guitars.


Top MaterialBasswood
Back and SidesBasswood
FretboardSynthetic wood
Size38 inches
Scales643 mm
ColourNatural, Sunburst, Red-Burst and Black
Body TypeCutaway


  • Polishing clothe is special for the Guitar.
  • Sound quality is perfect.
  • Extra String set with a string winder.
  • Available Colours.


  • Nothing to mention.

Zabel Acoustic Guitar

best guitar under 4000 - Zabel Acoustic Guitar

This Acoustic Guitar is one of the finest collection from the house of Zabel. This Guitar comes with a Smooth Matt finish body.

The body of the guitar is made of Spruce wood and the fret Board is made of maple wood, giving it a longer lifespan.

Because of the cutaway design and the truss rod you can get a high sound quality, making it ideal for all music aficionados.


Dimensions100 x 43 x 16.99 cm; 2 kg
Top MaterialSpruce Wood
Back MaterialRosewood
FretboardMaple Wood
Body TypeCutaway Design
String MaterialSteel
Scale Length38 inches


  • Cutaway Design makes the guitar decent.
  • Rich, full, clear and loud tonal quality.
  • Looks awesome ?.
  • Matt finish make the Guitar different.


  • Strings are of poor quality.

Hovner 215 Guitar

best guitar under 4000 - Hovner 215

The classic black Standard 215 F-Cut Acoustic Guitar has been perfectly handcrafted in India to produce a great sound.

This comes with In-built pickups which enables it to be connected to an amplifier for a great performance.

The product has a classic black colour along with a great play- ability.


Dimensions104.14 x 40.64 x 5.08 cm
Weight2.14 kg
Size41 inches
Top MaterialRosewood
FretboardRose wood
Number of String6


  • 41 inch F-Cut Acoustic Guitar.
  • Great looks with an innovative design to produce good Sound.
  • Adjustable bridge and reinforced Truss Rod.
  • In built pick up to plug and play with amplifier.


  • Finish quality is not decent.

Blueberry 40C Sunburst Acoustic Guitar

best guitar under 4000 - Blueberry 40C Sunburst Acoustic Guitar

Blueberry designed 40C, 40″ Cutaway Guitar innovative design to produce good quality Sound, it’s great quality and impecable styling are just some of the features.

It is manufactured by a leading brand, material used – Top made from Basswood Mahogany, Rosewood, Side and back made from Basswood, Fingerboard made from Rose wood.


Dimensions101.6 x 40 x 6.72 cm
Weight1.68 kg
Size40 inches
Top Material, Side & BackBasswood
StyleAcoustic Guitar Cutaway


  • The guitar looks decent in style.
  • Sound quality is also perfect.
  • In built sound system.
  • Truss Rod for better adjustment of Guitar Action.


  • The maker were paid fairly.


So if you are interested to purchase any of one from the listed Guitar, then all the products are available in online platforms such as Flipkart, Amazon etc. Even you can visit to the nearest showrooms of Guitars.

We have focused in looks, Sound system, material of the guitar, Strings material, size and many. So you don’t need to worry about the products as these are the best in mentioned budget.

If you are not satisfied with the names or qualities, then you can comment and let us know about your demands. We will try our best to provide you the best suggestions or make you satisfied in our style.

As we believe, ” Customer is God and we are here to provide them the best service”.

Thank You. Visit again. Happy Journey.

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